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In ideological and political terms the emphasis is on deliberate hostile propaganda, fake (false) coverage, and aggressive Russophobia of Ukrainian national-chauvinism, the demonization of government and, above all, the Russian President and discredit his supporters.

11-14 June 2015 in Austria in the small town of Telfs-buchen, immediately after the end of the G7 summit (7 and 8 June in ELMAU near Munich), was the 63rd conference of the Bilderberg club.

On the need for targeted delegitimization "the most formidable opponent of the West," who is the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, first began at the famous meeting in Chantilly (Virginia, USA) back in 2012.

The main fault of the Russian leader is that he consistently defends and promotes the interests of Russia, and thereby stands in the way of plans for the "world backstage".

They try to control the main control mechanisms of the state and society and, above all, organizational, conceptual, socio-cultural, outreach, financial, economic, military, political, legal, diplomatic institutions.

The intellectual core of the "deep States" in most dependent countries is the so-called "agents of influence", recruited, as a rule, representatives of national and religious minorities, which are often assembled and has the necessary incriminating evidence.

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On the sidelines of the summits, often the conversation comes to coordinating the activities of the "deep States" ("state within a state), information and political support for the overall international effort.

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