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Validating your dw

The same is created in the process of developing the Test plan.In this schedule, we have to estimate the time required for testing of the entire Data Warehouse system.It’s important that everyone works from the same set of documents and requirements (i.e. We have to create a rich set of test data, avoiding combinational explosion of sets.The automation approach should be a combination of Task automation and Test automation.The most important takeaway from this article is that DW testing is data centric, while software testing is code centric.The connections between the DW components are groups of transformations that take place over data.

They are designed to bring you from foundational concepts and best practices to hands-on skills and ideation, so you can ultimately put your knowledge to work back in the office immediately.

If it is not checked it will lead to data truncation.

Sampling – The sample used for testing must be a good representation of whole data. Reporting – The testing activities covered under this approach are: Report Testing – The reports are checked to see that the data displayed in the reports are correct and can be used for decision-making purpose.

You can set preferences for all your code, but you can also override these choices and use different options for a selection of code.

In addition to using Code or Split view for viewing code, you can use a separate coding window called the Code Inspector.

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In this chapter, you'll learn how to access and use the many options you have for working with code in Dreamweaver, and how to configure your coding environment to support your own style of working with code.

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