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Still, I wasn’t about to look at a few weeks off work, say “No thanks” and hand it back, was I? I had arrived at a place (and it was a new place for me) where work wasn’t holding my attention.Once you sign up to come to a meetup or be part of a class, the commitment starts to drive you.It’s a task like any other and, provided laziness is not your issue, you find yourself automatically responding. It’s been about a year since I limped out of hospital and now my side project is starting to bear fruit.My story contribution is titled , in which a student lets his ambitious girlfriend talk him into smuggling guns and drugs.Rojak became available this week on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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The service was slated to be called The Fictional Bureau of Investigation and would begin as a simple matching service, progressing all the way to full-blown for-fee manuscript reviews.

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