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Before Adi Shankaracharya died, he established four Mutts to propagate Vedanta and the Advaita form of Hindusim at Sringeri, Dwarka, Puri and Badrinath.

In 1839 AD, the head of the Kumbhakonam shakha of the Sringeri mutt was told by Rothschild to apply for permission to the English Collector to perform the kumbhabhishekam of the Kamakshi temple in Kanchipuram. The Tamil Iyers were given plum administrative posts in the British government for being traitors to India and to Hinduism.

All this broke Hindu unity and thus it was easier for the British to control the area.

Sringeri Mutt , the southernmost Mutt where Adi Shankaracharya spent 12 years of his adult life later on had a minor shakha or branch at Kumbakonam. This was immoral political treachery to divide and rule and to drive a wedge between the ordinary Hindu Kannada citizens and the Hindu Marathas , with added benefit of the Hindu Marathas suspecting Muslim Tipu Sultan .

Both Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati and his successor Sri Jayendra Saraswati also were actively involved in this fake and immoral propaganda.

If Adi Shankaracharya indeed died at Kanchi Mutt, why the hell did they establish a “so called” Kumbakonam Mutt?

The fake Kanchi Mutt was heavily sponsored by the British.

Tamil Iyers who were just 2% of the population those days , discriminated against the rest 98%.

This was the main reason a lot of dalits became atheists ( like EVR Periyar ) and converted to Christianity and Islam.

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A person no less than Arthur Wellesley called the Patwardhans "the most ancient friends that the British Government have in the Maratha Empire” .

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