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The name means 'green wic or settlement' (from the Latin 'vicus').

but the use of East Greenwich to mean the whole of the town of Greenwich died out in the 19th century.

It was renamed the Palace of Placentia or Pleasaunce by Henry VI's consort Margaret of Anjou after Humphrey's death.

The palace was completed and further enlarged by Edward IV, and in 1466 it was granted to his queen, Elizabeth.

This followed the line of an earlier Celtic route from Canterbury to St Albans.

During the reign of Ethelred the Unready, the Danish fleet anchored in the River Thames off Greenwich for over three years, with the army being encamped on the hill above.

It was excavated in 1902 and 300 coins were found dating from the emperors Claudius and Honorius to the 5th century.

This was excavated by the Channel 4 television programme Time Team in 1999, broadcast in 2000, The Roman road from London to Dover, Watling Street crossed the high ground to the south of Greenwich, through Blackheath.

These buildings became the Royal Naval College in 1873, and they remained an establishment for military education until 1998 when they passed into the hands of the Greenwich Foundation.Land outside the physical boundaries of England, as in America, was treated as belonging constructively to one of the existing royal manors, and from Tudor times grants frequently used the name of the manor of East Greenwich, Places in North America that have taken the name "East Greenwich" include a township in Gloucester County, New Jersey, a hamlet in Washington County, New York, and a town in Kent County, Rhode Island.Tumuli to the south-west of Flamsteed House, in Greenwich Park, are thought to be early Bronze Age barrows re-used by the Saxons in the 6th century as burial grounds.To the east between the Vanbrugh and Maze Hill Gates is the site of a Roman villa or temple.A small area of red paving tesserae protected by railings marks the spot.

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